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BestRemotePC.com was started in 2010 after our staff was doing research in hopes of finding the best remote desktop software to suit our needs.  In doing so we found there was not a lot of information or reliable reviews available to help us in our decision.  As veterans in the Internet industry, with experience in researching and reviewing computer products and services, we decided to create a site where consumers can find valuable information and reviews on some of the leading remote PC products and services.

Our goal is to provide our readers with the best remote PC articles and reviews on the Internet, and to help you discover what your remote desktop needs are and which remote PC providers may have what you are looking for.

FTC Disclosure: Our #1 goal is to distribute quality advice and reviews on all of the remote PC software and services options available to our customers, in an effort to help them make an educated choice on their purchase.  However, as a business our second goal is to pay the bills and therefore may accept compensation from the remote PC providers we review (not all reviews are paid).  Our staff is dedicated to researching and personally testing all of the products and services we review and providing you with the best reviews.

BestRemotePC.com is independently owned and operated and the opinions and reviews reflected on our site are that of our knowledgeable and experience staff, and not of outside sources.