LogMeIn Review

LogMeIn provides an easy way to remotely control a PC. It is an ideal solution for managing your home or work desktop from a laptop, mobile device, or another computer. Using your web browser, the program gives you and other authorized individuals access to a remote computer, while offering protection against hackers and the misuse of your personal/business information. LogMeIn Pro2, the newest version of this software, now operates with MAC files and applications, as well as PC. Plus, it provides numerous new features that make remote access easier and more convenient than ever.

In addition to allowing users to run computer programs and transfer files remotely, LogMeIn makes it possible to share your desktop with others and collaborate for business. The program also enables users to remotely print proposals, invoices, and more to an on-site printer, and is able to transfers audio files, so you can listen to your music collection from any location. Plus, LogMeIn provides a powerful solution for IT management, allowing you to monitor the health, status, and inventory of multiple computers at once, and receive alerts and advanced reports that keep you informed.

One of the unique advantages of LogMeIn is a background log in system, which allows users to log in remotely, without interrupting the current session at the main computer. As a result, productivity can increase, while downtime is minimized. If the main computer is not currently being used, LogMeIn has the ability to turn on a sleeping computer remotely. It can also perform reboots from a remote location. Plus, it features a screen blanking tool that ensures privacy while sensitive data is being viewed and managed.

Overall the set up for this program is fairly simple and the interface seems very user friendly. There are no complicated instructions for firewall settings and a tool bar appears at the top of the screen that is easy to navigate. The Windows version of LogMeIn offers a free trial that can be accessed by creating an account online at www.logmein.com, and does not require your credit card information to get started.

One of the drawbacks of LogMeIn is that users must pay a monthly or annual subscription for service, when there are other products with similar features available for free download. The annual price is $69.95 per computer with discounts available for bulk purchases. However, LogMeIn includes some useful support features, including a knowledge database, online ticket system, and toll-free phone assistance. Plus, it maintains an authenticated SSL/TLS security system and numerous other built in features for safety.

Overall, LogMeIn is a quality remote desktop program that soundly beats a number of its competitors. It is easy to operate and contains the majority of all the useful features that are available on the market. In addition, LogMeIn offers LogMeIn Rescue, a web based system that does not require pre-installed software, and LogMeIn Central, that allows you to access and manage thousands of computers at once, as well as a free, limited version of the the program that is available for quick download.

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