Benefits of Remote Desktop Software

Have you ever gone on a business trip or vacation and you’ve taken your laptop with you, but you need files/information from your desktop computer at home or the office? If you answered yes, we have the solution! Remote desktop software has many benefits…including the solution to the emergency on family vacation. We’ll explain the benefits of remote pc access in this article.

1st Benefit of Remote Desktop Software – Emergency Access

The situation described above has probably happened to you at one point or another if you maintain 2 computers. I have a laptop, but it’s not my main computer. On my laptop – I don’t have my mail client setup (2 avoid downloading emails twice/sorting twice/mixing up messages). I also don’t have my FTP program with user/pass info on my laptop. So if I need to check email or update via FTP – I need remote desktop software to access the desktop. When I’m on vacation for a few days – I get a phone call every trip that needs me to check my email. With my remote desktop software I can access my desktop from any PC in the world if it has internet access. I can go to any public library, hotel business center, or Starbucks with my laptop and get remote pc access.

2nd Benefit of Remote PC Access – Drag and Drop Files

If you’re at a business function and you lost your flash drive that contains your PowerPoint presentation – you can just jump online and login to your desktop computer with remote pc access. You’d then view your desktop and you can locate the file using the Windows Explorer, highlight it, and then drag it to the local computer desktop. This eliminates the need for carrying flash drives, burning disks, etc.  You don’t want to wait for this to happen to you. Who knows? It could be your job if you mess it up! Get remote desktop software and drag-n-drop your files between computers – no FTP needed!

3rd Benefit of Remote Desktop Software – Sync Files/Sync Computer

Some remote pc access programs will allow you to sync up your files and settings between your computers. This means your files will be on both systems – online or not and you can access your files. This is assuming your laptop has the right amount of disk space and you want to maintain a connection between the two for hours and hours while it updates the first time. Ok – it might be worth it and it is a pretty cool feature for remote pc access.

4th Benefit of Remote Desktop Software – Invite Computer Viewer

Have you ever given someone a gift for Christmas or a birthday and then the person you gave it to needs a little help. I get this type all the time. I know that if I give my dad an iPod – I have to go there to show him how to use it. Well, not anymore…I can have him login and invite him to be a viewer on a session between computers.  I can show him how to navigate iTunes just by having him login so he can watch every move I make at that time. The invited user wont be able to control anything on the host computer, but it’s pretty cool if you can watch.

These are just a few of the benefits of remote desktop pc. If you want to be very efficient in your travels – you’ll want to utilize this great tool for best desktop pc access.

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