Windows Remote Desktop Connection

Did you know that Microsoft Windows contains a remote desktop software in some versions? Most people are not aware that Windows contains the Remote Desktop Connection. We’ll explain the details including which versions have the software installed by default. If your versions of Microsoft Windows isn’t on the list – you can always upgrade.

What does Remote Desktop Connection do?

Windows Remote Desktop Connection enables a computer user to go to most computers running Windows Vista/Windows 7 and login to another computer (the host). The host must be running certain higher end versions of Windows Vista or 7 – usually the professional or business level packages. You can’t use Windows Vista as a host on Starter, Home Basic, Basic N, or Home Premium – only on higher versions than those.  You can’t connect to Windows XP Home either…only on Professional. Same goes for Windows 7 – must be Professional or Ultimate.

How to Connect to a Computer using Remote Desktop Connection?

First, both computers must be turned on!  Second, both computers must be connected to the internet (either direct or through a network). Then, you must configure the host computer to allow connections and allow certain users on a list.  This way people can’t just connect to any computer. Last, you go to the computer you want to connect from and run the remote desktop console. When this starts – type in the name of the computer or IP that you want to connect to.

What can you do with Remote Desktop Connection?

Once you are connected you can run programs from the host computer as if you were sitting right there. It’s a pretty cool tool and very convenient.

Is the Windows Remote Desktop Connection Right for You?

Remote desktop connection is a bit limited in that you must know the computer name that you’ll be connecting from.  So it’s great if you are always working from one remote computer connecting to the host, but if you want the flexibility of having multiple computers to connect to/from – this is probably not the best option for you. This wouldn’t be the program to use if you’re a business traveller and you work in the business center of hotels.  The remote desktop connection establishes a secure connection with 128-bit encryption and is very secure.  If you’re looking to connect to a computer or multiple computers from different places or computers – you would probably be better off trying the GoToMyPC product by Citrix. This product is easy to use – you install a quick program on the host machine and then you can login from any computer with internet access. The best part is that it’s very affordable. I’ll be doing a review on GoToMyPC very soon to discuss the pros/cons of this program.

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