Free Remote Access Software

Remote Access Software allows a user to remotely access/administer their computer from any location, via the internet.  In addition to commercial products that can be purchased, there are a number of free software downloads than enable users to perform this operation.  TeamViewer and LogMeIn are among some of the more popular free downloads available.   However, it is important to choose a remote access software carefully, as they each vary in terms of security features and the type of data they enable you to transfer.

One must do their research prior to downloading free remote access software in order to ensure that it will operate safely and effectively.  First, check the protocol on the product you are interested in and make sure that it is compatible with your operating system.  Some free programs may only work for Windows, Mac, or Linux, while others can be accessed through cell phone applications or Windows Mobile.

In addition, some free remote software programs only provide access for viewing data, while others allow you to make changes and fully administer your computer from another location.  You should know whether or not you will be able to transfer files and audio signals across the network.  Plus, it is a good idea to research the integrity of the software and reviews from other users.

Most importantly, free remote access software can vary greatly in terms of security features.  Since, the programs open access to your data and allow you to exchange information across the internet, they may cause your computer to be vulnerable to the invasion of hackers.  The free remote access software you download should use an encryption system for security.  Plus, it is advantageous for it to consist of additional protective applications, to keep unauthorized users from logging on.

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