GoToMyPC Review – GoToMyPC by Citrix

In this article we’ll be doing a full GoToMyPC review. The GoToMyPC product by Citrix Online is a top remote desktop software that offers a great value to customers. There are many products in the remote PC software, but GoToMyPC is the premier remote desktop software.

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Top Reasons for Choosing GoToMyPC:

1. Free Trial – GoToMyPC offers a free 30 day trial period where users can try out the entire product without limitations. This trial period can be signed up for in three easy steps. You also can use a PC or Mac to use GoToMyPC with the trial.

2. Easy System Requirements – You just need to have Microsoft Windows 2000 or higher as well as an “always on” internet connection such as cable/dsl/etc. If you’re connecting with a Mac – you just need to have Leopard OS or newer. As far as the browser type goes – you’ll just need to get Internet Explorer 6.0 or Firefox 3.0 or higher.

3. Easy Install Requirements – There is no major software to install when you start using GoToMyPC. You just signup – then on the host computer you install a quick download. Then on any viewer computer (the remote PC) – you don’t really need to install heavy software. You just install through the browser based ActiveX control. This is a quick easy method and very universal to browsers/operation systems/etc.

4. Cross OS/Browser Compatible – You can connect to a PC from a Mac and to a Mac from a PC. If you’re using something like the Windows Remote Desktop – you have to connect to the Windows PC from another running Windows. With this web-based method on GoToMyPC – you just login through Safari/Firefox/I.E. and any will use the default installer.

5. File Transfer is Easy with GoToMyPC – When you open your console through your web-based login – you can drag and drop files from the local computer to the remote and vice versa. This is very nice expecially if you are working on a local project, but need to send the file from your regular desktop email program. So you drag the local to the remote computer and then from the remote pc – you can send an email and attach that file.

6. GoToMyPC Printer – If you want to print something from the remote PC – you can print to your local computer – simple as that. I’ve been out of town and had to login to my PC at my office just to print tickets to sporting events and concerts.

7. Security & Privacy – When you login to the remote PC – you can include settings to black out the remote computer screen so nobody can see what you’re doing if they are near the remote desktop. When you login to your GoToMyPC account – you can also see when the last login attempt was for added security.

8. 24/7 Support – If you travel like I do – you never know what time zone you’ll be in when you need help. So you can be in Europe and you might need help – no problem! Just call the tech support team at GoToMyPC and solve your issues day or night.

I hope you found our GoToMyPC review useful. I have personally used this product for about 2 years and have found it to be extremely useful and easy to use.

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