LapLink Gold Review

LapLink Gold is a remote access program that enables users to connect to and interact with their PC remotely.  The Gold version of LapLink has been updated for Windows 7, but is also compatible with Vista or XP and can even provide a connection between different operating systems.  Users are able to control a computer remotely, transfer files, run ad-hoc, communicate via remote chat, and schedule synchronization jobs through a secure system.  LapLink Gold offers all the advanced tools needed for quality connectivity and performance.

One of the main advantages of LapLink Gold is that it is fully compatible with a 64 bit operating system.  Connections with this program can occur in a variety of methods including across the internet, across a network, or through LapLinks USB 2.0, the fastest method of sharing.  Plus, users are allowed to connect up to 5 PCs with the purchase of a single license.

LapLink Gold is designed to be fast.  It features SpeedSync Technology which transmits only changed portions of a document instead of recreating the entire page.  As a result, file viewing, file transfer, and synchronization are able to occur more smoothly and quickly than before.  In addition, automatic synchronization through SmartXChange adjusts folders in a two way exchange file for efficient results.

The set up for LapLink Gold is a fairly simple process, because the program generally works behind firewalls and proxy servers to provide remote access.  However, the interface is slightly dated and not as user friendly as those of some other remote access products.  It still offers a dial up connections over a modem.  Plus, control settings must occasionally be adjusted, before a connection can take place.  However, LAN,  internet, and direct cable  are also included as options, and the system is not overly complicated.

LapLink Gold features high security with a choice of multilevel encryption and Microsoft Crypto API support.  User authentication can run through Microsoft or LapLink.  Plus, the sign-in page features password protection with a lock out system after numerous failed log-ins have occurred.

Another great feature of LapLink Gold is online backup protection.  Data is automatically backed up by the program on a regular basis, to prevent loss.  Plus, they have implemented a live chat system that enables computers with LapLink to communicate directly with voice and chat.

LapLink Gold can be downloaded for as little as $89.95, which includes the first year of service.  Most technical support questions are answered with the company’s FAQ knowledge database.  However, free technical support is also available during extended business hours via phone, email, and live chat.

Overall, LapLink Gold has the tools needed to successfully create a remote connection and efficiently operate your PC from another location.

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