TeamViewer Review

TeamViewer Review

TeamViewer is a remote desktop application that allows users to view and control their computer from a remote location. Predominately geared for commercial business use, it is designed to connect multiple computers at once. Plus, it contains numerous useful features for performance, convenience, and security. There is also a free download of this product that is available for personal use.

TeamViewer supports the remote viewing, sharing, and transferring of information from multiple types of operating systems and is accessible through mobile devices, desktops, and laptops. It allows you to control everything as if you were actually sitting in front of your computer. You can even run an audio/video conference, view flash, or reboot remotely. Various versions of the program exist for everything from home to corporate use. All of them are easy to use, and some do not require the installation of any software.

The quality, customizable features of TeamViewer are what causes the program to stand out among its competitors. They help to generate a professional appearance for your business, by allowing you to design custom invites for sharing information, that include your company’s logo. Also, viewing and transferring files is easy using TeamViewer. The program allows you to collaborate with employees/ clients to communicate about ideas, receive feedback, send invoices, and more. Some of the new versions of the program even have VolP audio, videoconferencing, and teleconference. Plus, your custom partner list allows you to see who is currently online and connect with them by one click of a button.

In addition, TeamViewer uniquely optimizes display quality and the speed of transfer according to your connection. All data is compressed so it can travel across the network quickly and efficiently. Navigating through fire walls and closed ports is usually handled automatically by the system. Plus, high standards of security ensure the safe management of sensitive information, with password protection and 256 bit encryption. The security features of TeamViewer have been accredited by numerous organizations.

The interface for TeamViewer is remarkably user friendly and easy to navigate. It gives you the option to remotely control a computer, share your desktop with others, or transfer files without sharing other information. It only takes a few minutes to perform the initial set up. Plus, online tutorials, as well as email and phone support, are always available for answering questions about licensing or technical issues.

One of the only disadvantages about TeamViewer is that the license for professional use can be rather expensive. Prices start at $749, and a Business, Premium, and Corporate plan are offered. However, as a powerful tool, any company who uses the program regularly will see a quick return on their investment. It is a quality product and has the potential to maximize productivity.

Overall, TeamViewer is one of the best solutions for sharing data within a business. They are specifically designed to cater to companies who need multiple access points to the same information. In addition, TeamViewer Free, the complimentary version of this program, has all the features needed for personal use and more.

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