Accessing Remote Desktop via Mobile

Accessing Remote Desktop via Mobile

Remote desktop software applications allow you to view and manage your computer through a network. Essentially, this means that you can control your computer from another location, just as if you were sitting in front of it. Many of todays smart phones, such as the BlackBerrys, iPhones, Droids, and others, can be used with remote desktop applications, providing the ability to access your computer’s programs/files and manage your system, while you are mobile.

Accessing desktop information remotely is quickly gaining popularity. Today’s technology savvy men and women are able to recognize and take advantage of the benefits of using desktop applications via their cell phones. One can access and send a business proposal while they are away from the office, provide IT support to someone across the country, or share a photo that they have stored on their home computer, all by the touch of a button. As a result, more and more software applications are being developed and strengthened, to meet the demands of consumers.

Many of the touch screen phones that are currently on the market are particularly easy to navigate as a computer. The more advanced remote desktop applications allow users to remotely access their PC or MAC, move the mouse on the host computer, click, drag, drop, and scroll to manage the screen, and utilize a full on-screen keyboard. Some programs even allow you to access more than one computer at a time and switch between monitors. This type of technology feels very similar to actually sitting at a desk in front of a full monitor.

LogMeIn, a popular remote desktop program, produces LogMeIn Ignition, a program for managing your desktop via an iPhone. The application can be purchase in the iTunes store for only $29.99. Features of this program include the ability select between a number of computers that you wish to operate, run any business application such as Microsoft Office and Salesforce, and navigate your computer’s screen with an intuitive and flexible navigation system, all on a high resolution Retina display. Recently LogMeIn has come out with an application for certain models of the Droid and Blackberry phones, as well.

Remote Desktop for Mobiles RDM is another application designed to transform your cell phone into an access device for your computer. RDM operates with iPhones, the Blackberry Storm, and several other mobile devices. This program features a quick command system that enable users to reboot or shut down their computer remotely, check their systems performance, and start/stop other system services. Users can also manage their email, surf the web, and edit documents, with the programs user friendly interface. The retail price for this application is approximately $39.99.

TeamViewer is a highly used remote desktop system, with many of the same features as their competitors. However, this product is available as a free download for personal use. TeamViewer operates with certain models of the iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, and other mobile devices, with many convenient features and high security standards.

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