Compare LapLink and Radmin

To find the best remote PC access software compare LapLink and Radmin to get a clear look at two of the best remote PC software companies in the industry. By comparing LapLink and Radmin, you are getting a remote access comparison review of both great remote access providers.

For the business man or women that is constantly on the go and find themselves away from the office wishing they had access to some of the most important files on their office computer, both Radmin and LapLink have the technology available to make that wish come true. There are many benefits to trying out both Radmin or LapLink to meet your remote PC access needs. If you travel frequently for work and find  yourself needing to access your office computer while out in the field or even when working from home, fortunately both Radmin and LapLink have the tools you need to make this happen. Keep reading to compare LapLink and Radmin to learn more about these two great remote PC access providers.

LapLink – $49.95 per single license download:

There are a few different ways LapLink uses remote PC access tools along with digital and web technology to make remote PC access a very real possibility for those that need to access important computer documents from their home or office computer while on the go or working away from the office. With the LapLink toolbar, you can get immediate access to your PC in a single click. All you have to do is install the LapLink toolbar, which is free with your single license download. From here, you can immediately experience being able to access remotely to  your work or home PC with one click. You can use this toolbar to search your PC, transfer files remotely as well as launch full remote control so it seems as if you are sitting in front of your own computer desktop. This is a super convenient way to access your important documents quickly and easily as long as you have Internet access. Along with the LapLink toolbar, users can also use the technologies offered by LapLink to access their computer remotely via Smartphone. If you are in a meeting 15 minutes away from the office and really don’t have time to run back to get that important file, you can simply use the power of your smartphone to get it for you. You can use any phone with a web browser to get access to your computer. You can easily send it to yourself or to another computer via email or file transfer when you use your smartphone to access your computer remotely.

Radmin – $49 per lifetime license:

With competitive rates to LapLink, Radmin is another great example of a remote PC access software company that makes it easy for you to be able to access those important documents and files while on the go with a click of a button. With Radmin, you don’t have to worry about constantly needing to make sure that you have ever single document backed up by a flash drive or portable hard drive. You can even access your email on your computer like Outlook Express using Radmin remote control software. Radmin is known for file transfer and remote desktop access that is safe and secure. With tons of other features as well, Radmin has got your remote desktop access needs covered. Just a few of these remote PC access tools include full control over the remote computer with the ability to view the remote screen, transfer files, highest operating speed, data encryption, the ability to shutdown or reboot remotely, send messages, easy and user-friendly interface as well as free technical support.  Using Radmin to remotely access your computer is a great way to travel for work with ease and not have to make sure that you have ever file you might need always backed up. Fortunately with Radmin remote control software, you can try it out for 30 days free before you commit to buying! This is a great chance for you to see for yourself how Radmin has the technology to work for you and fulfill all of your remote control access needs.

To compare LapLink and Radmin is tough. Both of these companies offer great products, tools and other remote PC access features. Both also offer free customer support and service. It is time to give both companies a call and see for yourself which will be able to meet your remote access needs. Check out both LapLink and Radmin online today to learn more!

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