TeamViewer vs. LapLink

When it comes to choosing the best remote computer access software, there are lots of companies to choose from. Some offer free remote PC access software, while others are a bit higher quality, but still offer the products for a low monthly price. If you are a business man or woman that travels frequently for work, or will spend time working at home or in a remote office, having the best remote PC access software is essential to your work performance. That is why we are taking this close-up, side-by-side look at TeamViewer vs. LapLink, to help give interested consumers an in-depth look at the best remote PC access software out there. Let’s take a closer look at what these two great remote PC software companies have to offer in our LapLink vs. TeamViewer review.

With TeamViewer, you can quickly and easy establish a secure instant connection directly to your computer via the Internet. As long as you have Internet access, you are going to be able to access your computer from any remote location using the TeamViewer remote PC access online. To get a TeamViewer license, you can choose the price according to how many computers you would like to use this software for with remote PC access. For a business lifetime license, the cost to you starts at just $719. This is a great way to incorporate this TeamViewer remote PC access software into your business computers. This is perfect for the business men and women that travel frequently for work and need to access important documents, files and other information from their workstation. The features that come with the TeamViewer software package include:

  • All-in-one TeamViewer package that combines everything you need in a remote desktop solution.
  • Remote maintenance of unattended PCs or servers
  • The software also works great even behind firewalls
  • Installation on server operating systems
  • Communication tools are available as well like VoIP, video, chat, phone conference, etc.
  • Multi-platform support
  • Customer Modules
  • Multi-language
  • TeamViewer My Computers
  • File transfer and real VPN channel
  • Free 14-day trial

On the other hand, in comparison to TeamViewer, we have LapLink. This is another example of a great and reliable form of remote PC access software. You can use this LapLink software with any web browser online as well as on any device that can get Internet access from your PC to a tablet, iPad or even a smart phone. The LapLink toolbar is a unique remote PC access software tool that works great to help you get instant access to your PC from a remote location with just one click. This is a pretty unique tool that LapLink has to offer that you will not be able to find with any other remote PC access software. Using the LapLink toolbar you can begin remotely controlling your PC from at home or while on the go from your smart phone. All you have to do is access your own computer from the web. This is a great way to get immediate and secure access to your PC. To get your LapLink license, all you need to do is pay $49.95 for a regular license to use on your computer. From there, you can get access wherever you go, on whatever tool you want as long as you have Internet access. LapLink features include:

  • Remote desktop control
  • Ability to access via smartphone
  • Web access
  • Remote desktop search and send
  • File transfer and synchronization
  • Remote e-mail access
  • LapLink toolbar
  • Access to your Internet favorites
  • One-click remote access
  • Download or upload to your computer remotely
  • File transfer
  • Remote Outlook access

Based on all the tools and features you’ve learned about in our LapLink vs. TeamViewer remote access comparison, we hope you feel a bit more confident in making the decision to choose which remote pc access software is best for your business needs. We urge you to check out both TeamViewer as well as LapLink online to learn more about these companies and to sign up with the service you feel is best for your remote PC access needs.

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