Ubuntu Review

Ubuntu is an open source Linux based operating system.  Like other operating systems, Ubuntu includes features that allow the desktop of one computer to be viewed and controlled using remote access through another computer.   Immediately upon installation, it provides high functionality of all desktop controls and server connections.  Applications for enabling remote access include a built-in Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and provisions for Virtual Network Computing (VNC).  Some unique advantages exist with using Ubuntu for a remote access system.

Ubuntu’s provides the ability to configure settings for both RDP and VNC because each type of connection comes with its own set of advantages.  RDP is faster because of the protocol it uses to transfer data, and it securely logs a user into a new session each time they connect.  On the other hand, VNC always logs users into an existing session, and is ideal for connecting multiple computers at the same time. Ubuntu’s RDP and VNC applications both let you operate your computer remotely, as if you were sitting in front of it.  Plus, they are both able to facilitate connections between different types of operating systems.

When using RDP through Ubuntu, there is no software to install.  The application is built-in and can easily be accessed from a drop down menu. Within the Remote Desktop Preferences Window, there is an option for allowing another computer to view your information, or allowing it remote control over your system.  Then, there are security settings that enable you to block users, require passwords, or command that access be authorized by the host computer prior to each log in.  RDP connections can be made within your local network by selecting the name of the computer you wish to share information with, or over the internet, after entering an IP address, configuring a port number, and opening the firewall.  After everything has been set up, access occurs immediately with the click of a button.

Ubuntu also includes fast and reliable applications for remote access through VNC connections.  Vino and Vinagre are VNC servers that integrate with GNOME to allow access and control of your computer’s desktop. These programs are included in the default desktop installation of Ubuntu, and only need to be configured and activated for use.   Although Vino and Vinagre include some optional security features, an SSH server needs to be set up for connections to occur over the internet.  Ubuntu also supports numerous 3rd party VNC programs.  There is even an  Android VNC for accessing your desktop through a smartphone.

Overall, Ubuntu is a powerful operating system with useful tools for remote desktop control.  The main benefit of this feature is the ability to access files and programs while away from your desk.  Plus, remote desktop and VNC render an convenient way to share information with others.   Documents, images, videos, invoices, reports, Power Point Presentations, conferences and more can be accessed and shared throughout a business, in a cost efficient manner.  In addition, IT technicians can use remote access to monitor the health and status of a computer/computer network,  and perform operations to fix problems as needed.  The set-up and management of remote desktop services are made easy by Ubuntu’s built-in programs. Ubuntu is also gaining popularity for dedicated servers.

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