GoToMyPC vs. LogMeIn

GoToMyPC and LogMeIn are two of the best remote access software companies in the business. For those looking to determine which is best, continue reading our GoToMyPC vs. LogMeIn review to find out more about which each company has to offer for remote PC access.

Remote PC access software companies are becoming more and more numerous as the remote computer access technology continues to improve and grow in popularity. We have chosen to review and compare two of the best remote PC access software companies GoToMyPC vs. LogMeIn focusing on each of the software features, reliable security and comparable pricing.

GoToMyPC – $99 annually per computer

  • Easy installation
  • Encryption and security
  • Mobile access
  • Remote printing
  • Free 24/7 technical support
  • File transfer
  • Individual usage reports
  • Keyboard locking and screen blanking
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Sound
  • Guest invite

LogMeIn Pro – $69.95 annually per computer

  • File transfer
  • File Share
  • Remote to local printing
  • Desktop sharing
  • Remote to local audio
  • Diagnostic toolkit
  • Altering and monitoring
  • Computer inventory
  • Advanced reporting and analysis
  • Background login
  • Turn off, on features remotely

GoToMyPC compared to LogMeIn makes for tough competition among these two industry-leading remote computer access programs. Both remote PC controllers provide similar features essential to successful and efficient remote computer access. Both remote access providers also offer a remote access free 30-day trial of the products giving the customer a chance to find out the quality of service for themselves. Let’s take a look at both remote access companies individually to break down this GoToMyPC versus LogMeIn review.

With GoToMyPC, because the price is less per month per computer, if you only need the software for one or a small amount of computers, this is a great option. The price is low and affordable, but the remote access software still comes with plenty of great tools to use for remote PC access like secure operations with encryption and security. All of the computer data is protected with 128-bit AES encryption. The account access is protected with the implementation of dual passwords and end-to-end user authentication. GoToMyPC’s security enables HiTech and HIPAA compliance. Other remote access innovative tools and features offered by GoToMyPC include mobile access so you can access other computers using an iPad or smart phone with the necessary app and a GoToMyPC subscription.

In comparison, LogMeIn also offers a large variety of tools and features with its remote PC access package. There are a variety of LogMeIn remote pc access packages for any possible business solution in assisting with many remote computer needs. LogMeIn is also known for its unique remote computer access tools like the ability to log in remotely as the administrator in order to maintain administrator rights on a remote computer. Tools like these as well as technician screen sharing are great for technicians providing support remotely. LogMeIn remote access packages also include collaboration tools, tools for manager as well as customization tools to help customize your remote support to deliver great customer service. LogMeIn also boasts a fast time to connect. It takes about 20 seconds to take remote control of distant computers with technology designed for customer ease of use.

Overall, GoToMyPC compared to LogMeIn, we found both remote software companies provide a great product at a reasonable price. Both companies also offer multiple user as well as administrator packages perfect for companies with a multi-person technical support team.  It is important to assess your remote pc access needs to determine which remote pc access program is best for you. Check out and to find out more about the features and services offered by these remote desktop software companies.

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